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Rocky Point Tea Tree (Compressed)

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  • Description:

    Rocky Point Tea Tree mulch. A fragrant, fine cut, dark brown mulch, tea tree in a compressed bale. This is a convenient way to transport in your car or trailer,  store in your garden shed till your ready and then easy to spread mulch. It's a great mulch for all applications holds it's position on sloping sites well and looks good. Approximate coverage per bale is 4sqm.

  • Sold by: Compressed Bale

  • Collection Method: Pick Up and Delivery



  1. T = tonne
  2. m3 = cubic metre
  3. m = metre
  4. x = multiplication
  5. m2 = square metre
  6. mm = Millimters


  1. CCA = (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) Treated Timber
  2. ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  3. mm = Millimters
  4. m = metre
  5. P = Pine
  6. H = Hardwood
  7. H4 = Inground Contact
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