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Rocky Point Sugar Cane Jumbo (Compressed)

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  • Description:

    Sugar cane compressed bales are easy to transport, convenient to store in the garden shed, easy to spread and one bale covers approximately 12sqm at 40mm thick. Benefits of putting mulch on your gardens are huge!!! Saves water, enhances plant growth, encourages microbial activity, protects soil against erosion and extremes of temperature, looks good  and suppresses those weeds.

  • Sold by: Compressed Bale

  • Collection Method: Pick Up and Delivery



  1. T = tonne
  2. m3 = cubic metre
  3. m = metre
  4. x = multiplication
  5. m2 = square metre
  6. mm = Millimters


  1. CCA = (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) Treated Timber
  2. ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  3. mm = Millimters
  4. m = metre
  5. P = Pine
  6. H = Hardwood
  7. H4 = Inground Contact
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