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Mill Mud

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  • Description:

    Mill mud is a high nutrient additive to many garden situtations. Mill mud produces excellent results when added to soils as nutrients are readily available and best used in moderation. Monitor your pH soil levels when using mill mud continually. 

    Available in any quantities; bags, bulk a bags, bulk

  • Sold by: Per Meter

  • Collection Method: Pick Up and Delivery

  • Weight Class: 1 Tonne Per Cubic Metre



  1. T = tonne
  2. m3 = cubic metre
  3. m = metre
  4. x = multiplication
  5. m2 = square metre
  6. mm = Millimters


  1. CCA = (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) Treated Timber
  2. ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  3. mm = Millimters
  4. m = metre
  5. P = Pine
  6. H = Hardwood
  7. H4 = Inground Contact
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