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Amgrow Glypho 360 Total Weed Killer

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  • Description:

    Broad spectrum - kills most broadleaf and grassy weeds. Non-residual in soil - safe to plant immediately. Ideal for treating new gardens before planting to clear all old unwanted vegetation. Non selective concentrated weed killer

    How to Use:
    Dilute 5-15mL per litre of water according to the directions. Spray on the foliage of leaves. The active ingredient is absorbed through the leaves and is taken down tot he roots of the plant to kill it. It takes 7-10 days before the results can be seen.

  • Note: Available in 1 Litre



  1. T = tonne
  2. m3 = cubic metre
  3. m = metre
  4. x = multiplication
  5. m2 = square metre
  6. mm = Millimters


  1. CCA = (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) Treated Timber
  2. ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  3. mm = Millimters
  4. m = metre
  5. P = Pine
  6. H = Hardwood
  7. H4 = Inground Contact
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