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Curley Bark

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  • Description:

    Stripped from hoop pine, this rich brown mulch has a "spring like" apprearance to it. This dark tan/brown long lasting mulch is ideal to bringing a different tactile visual effect to your landscape. It performs well above average in the key indicators of what makes a good mulch. Whilst the strand like portions of the mulch retain their integrity over time the fines in the mulch break down to a peat like material and really benefit the soil.

    Recommended application depth 75-100mm.

  • Sold by: Bag, .25m3, .5m3, .75m3, 1m3

  • Collection Method: Pick Up and Delivery



  1. T = tonne
  2. m3 = cubic metre
  3. m = metre
  4. x = multiplication
  5. m2 = square metre
  6. mm = Millimters


  1. CCA = (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) Treated Timber
  2. ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  3. mm = Millimters
  4. m = metre
  5. P = Pine
  6. H = Hardwood
  7. H4 = Inground Contact
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